Monday, April 18, 2011

Who let the dogs out?

As many of my Facebook friends are aware, Miss Fergie and I were not talking to each other by the end of Thursday night. In the few minutes I took to take a shower, she pushed open my bedroom door, walked in, located my ½ packed suitcase for my upcoming weekend in Kelowna and opened it, pulled out my creamy blush Steve Madden shoes and chewed one of them to bits. And I do mean bits.

I’d like to enter Exhibit A into evidence. Please see below:

While she is a puppy and they are prone to do things like this, Miss Fergie knows that she is not allowed in our bedroom. In fact, she often sits in front of the door and puts one paw over the threshold just to play coy with me.

I will admit to crying over the loss of these shoes not once, but twice with my Eye Candy and then my Mum on the phone immediately following the incident. The next day I teared up yet again as I recounted the massacre to my office BFF. After all, these were the perfect pair of shoes for work and play during the summer months. Plus, I had taken the time to have them re-heeled and re-soled last October so they would be ready for this season. I agree with Miss B of Behave Fashionably that what Fergie did is horrifying and as I’m a few days away from a sunny vacation, I was even more despaired by their sudden demise.

In a post last month I wrote about how an encounter with Cruella De Vil talked me out of buying shoes, and Annabelle of The Year of Shopping Detox and I later commented about needing guardian angels to watch over our shopping. Well, I have something better than that!

Just as I was trying to debate returning the coveted Cameron D blazer to pay for new all-purpose but equally-stylish summer sandals,  I noticed that a mysterious $$$ amount had appeared in my chequing account on Friday evening. I immediately called my Mum. She also played coy, but when it comes to my shoes, my Mum is my fairy godmother. With her generouristy and a trip to WINNERS, I have a new pair BCBG camel coloured sandals for the summer that won’t be going anywhere near Miss Fergie.

Bibbidy bobbidy boo.


PS: While I knew my shoe is in a terrible state, I did make the effort to visit 2 cobblers and neither could repair it. One laughed and the other suggested that I let Fergie bury it too. There is one more shoe repair guy that I plan to try who is apparently legendary, but I have little hope. Don’t you wish there was a website like “chance encounters”? I wish I could post a picture of the perfectly good size-7 left Steve Madden shoe and put a personal ad out for a new right-side. *Sigh*


  1. First, a moment of silence for your right shoe.


    But then yay! For fairy shoe-mothers! That's fabulous.

  2. The best part of the purchase was that these BCBG shoes were marked as clearance so I got them for $54. I love walking out of that store feeling like a "WINNER". And I've strutted my stuff in them 2x over the last week (I'm doing my best to embrace spring) so they are definite keepers (and carefully hidden away from Fergie).