Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly spending recap: March 27th – April 2nd

Success! My 40 days of no clothing/shoes/accessories came to an end and I did it! I went over a month without adding anything to my closet. However, my fun birthday gifts definitely alleviated some of the stress, but the truth is, I haven’t worn any of my new dresses yet as it’s just too cold here in Montreal.

Sunday, March 27th

- $95 at Loblaws on groceries which I paid from our Household/Grocery fund.

My Eye Candy was away until Wednesday night so this actually covered all my solo eating and got us through all our meals until today. With the cost of food continuing to increase, I’m feeling the pinch on my wallet so I’m getting more creative with pantry dinners and shopping the fridge for lunch ideas.

- $10 of Fun Money to buy tickets for my cousin’s cousins’ graduating design show. While I can’t be there in person to see his portfolio live, I still want to support his work. Plus, it’s an investment as I’ll finally have an interior decorating on my speed dial!

Monday, March 28th

- $47 on cat food for Fernando paid from our Household/Grocery fund. I opted for a bulk size so this should last my furry friend for at least 3 months.

Tuesday, March 29th

No spend day!

Wednesday, March 30th

No spend day!

Thursday, March 31st

- $10 on miscellaneous gift basket items from WINNERS & Loblaws. A colleague at work is going on maternity leave so a friend & I decided to put together a little care package for her. Some of the items I already had at home. I’ll do a post later to share some more “Gift giving on a budget” tips.

Friday, April 1st

My shopping ban is finished! Over the last 40 days, I’ve really learned to maximize my existing closet and I’ve slowly started to mix new outfits together. I also took the time to put together a little book of new outfits I’d like to wear for the spring. Most of the pieces can already be found in my closet (surprise!), but I do want some fun additions for spring. I also went through my closet and pulled out anything with a price tag on it that hadn’t been worn.

I spent my Friday night shopping with a friend at the Dix-30 and our first stop was H&M where I returned a shirt that I had never worn. With my $44 store credit, I picked up 2 new purchases that are slightly out of my comfort zone:

i) Olive-khaki rolled-up painters pants

ii) White short-shorts

The total cost was $5.80 of Fun Money after using my store credit. I’ve modeled them at home and played dress-up so I know have 6 outfits that can go with these 2 purchases. When I finally strut my stuff in them, I’m dedicating my outfits to FHTS for the ongoing inspiration and encouragement throughout the past 40 days.

My friend and I also recovered from our shopping spree at Cabana and for $13, enjoyed a glass of wine and checked out the bar scene of the South Shore.

Saturday, April 2nd

- $6.20 at Marché Atwater My Eye Candy and I enjoyed an afternoon strolling around the Canal with Miss Fergie and it was the perfect opportunity to indulge in a pain au chocolat + café au lait while watching the world go by.

I spent $47 of my Fun Money this week so I'm putting the remaining $33 into my Vegas Baby fund. The trip is now 27 days away (so is the Royal Wedding!) and I'm glad that I've made the effort to cut back my day-to-day spending so this vacation won't be such a hit to my wallet.


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