Monday, April 4, 2011

Gift giving on a budget: You get a whale

A few weeks ago, I gave one of my favourite friends a humpback whale for his birthday. Seriously.

This idea stemmed from an encounter we had a work the month before when I came in one morning to find him jumping up & down exceptionally excited as if Oprah had just given him one of her favourite things. His reaction was just like Dane Cook describes when Oprah not only has Harrison Ford in her studio, but they are giving everyone humpback whales! (If you’ve not seen the clip and you are a fan of the O, I recommend taking 5 minutes to enjoy the spoof:

It turns out that our international team had just released his new advertising creatives, and while they were beautiful, I would have preferred a humpback whale. It became our running joke in the office that none of our products are successful until Oprah names them as one of her favourite things.

So when his birthday rolled around, I logged onto the World Wildlife Foundation site and made a $25 donation towards the symbolic adoption of a humpback whale. I’ve been a fan of the WWF since I completed a business analysis case for them in my not-for-profit management class in university and I love that $0.82 of every dollar donated goes towards conservation efforts.

In exchange for my donation, I received in the mail an animal fact sheet, picture of the whale, and adoption certificate which I framed as a present. My friend told me it’s the biggest gift he’s ever received. For me, it was the chance to bounce around exclaiming “You get a whale! You get a whale!”



  1. Thanks!
    I think it's a neat idea for little kids too... In fact, I did it for my cousin many years ago. They get so many stuffed animals for birthdays, Christmas, etc... why not an "adoption" in their own name instead? It has brag-ability and gives them an appreciation of endangered species too.

  2. That's hilarious! I love gifts that make the recipient laugh.

  3. Me too! Gift giving is my thing and I'm with you that my friends & family shouldn't have to receive "cheap" gifts simply because I'm on a budget.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll Miss GND. You are on mine too now... I hope this is the beginning of a financially fabulous friendship!