Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly spending recap: April 3rd – April 9th

I can’t be good all the time! This week I spent my entire $80 of Fun Money so there is nothing that will be moved into my Vegas Baby spending envelope. But at least I had fun in the process!

Sunday, April 3rd
$6.71 at Van Hotte Café
$120 on groceries at Loblaws

I spent the day walking around Vieux Montreal with my Eye Candy and Miss Fergie. Doesn’t she just look so regal on the red carpet? She is one posh pooch! We stopped for café lattés at Van Houtte and I picked up a water bottle for Fergie as we didn’t have our usual H2O supply in the back of the car. Unfortunately, I regretted this purchase as the barista gave me nothing but attitude. My French is not perfect, but I’m certainly capable of ordering 2 coffees and a bottle of a water. What threw him was my request for an extra cup (Fergie tends to choke if she drinks directly from the bottle) and he tried to charge me $0.25 for it. I don’t think so! As my fashionable friends say, some people spend $7 on coffee and they spend $7 on accessories. In this case, I wish I had opted for a ring or something else.

Monday, April 4th
$2.50 at LaSalle Aquadome for swimming
$5.70 at Jean Coutu for Tylenol
$3.80 at a Depaneur on almonds

What can I say? I had an exhausting day leading up to a grueling round of management meetings at work and the aspirin was a necessity. The almonds were also necessary as I worked late and need something to tie me over until I could get home for dinner.

Tuesday, April 5th
No spend day! My day was entirely devoted to powerpointing, studying and product labeling as it was the eve before our “Royal Visit” at work. Unfortunately, I missed my last spinning class as work got in the way.

Wednesday, April 6th
D-day! My management meetings went off without a hitch. Afterwards, I was too tired to spend anything.

Thursday, April 7th
Swam with 3 Vitesses at College NotreDame (part of memembership)
Paid $52 for my monthly YMCA membership
Paid $6 for monthly subscription to The Gazette
Paid $180 for my quarterly hydro bill
$65 at Burgundy Lion

To toast the start of my long-weekend, my Eye Candy and I hit up NotreDame and ended up at Burgundy Lion for fish & chips and a couple rounds of drinks. The evening was my treat as he was exceptionally supportive leading up to my meetings and deserved a little treat too.

Friday, April 8th
No spend day! My envelope is empty and I was forced to resist temptation on my day off. This wasn’t easy as I was on the hunt for a new blazer and ended up leaving the store empty handed. Check out my last post Changing my mind like a girl changes clothes.

The good news is that my sister’s boyfriend is now joining us in Las Vegas! I spent a few hours online and on the phone hunting down the best deal for him as our getaway is only 3 weeks away now. I managed to get him a trip that is $150 more than what we purchased 9 weeks ago with only a couple of tweeks. He gets to fly into Sin City with us, but is flying back on a separate flight as it was much cheaper… but overall, not too shabby.

Saturday, April 9th
A frugally fun day! My Eye Candy and I walked around the Plateau with Miss Fergie and we were going to stop at a favourite tavern Bar Bily Kun (they have ostriche heads on the wall!) when I realized that I had no Fun Money left.

Instead, we headed over the Atwater Market and picked up some cheeses, deli meats, spicy garlic pickles, and a bottle of wine using our weekly grocery money. For $45, we were able to enjoy our gastronomic treats on our condo’s balcony and watched the sunset together. The best part is that we have enough left over to do it again tomorrow! (It’s +8˚C here in Montreal and that’s practically swimsuit weather after the winter we’ve had.)

All in all, I spent my $80 weekly allocation of Fun Money. While the week started out as chaotic, stressful and challenging, at least it ended in a fabulously fun fashion.



  1. Even though you didn't add anything to your Vegas Baby enveloppe, you did a good job Rosie. As for me, seeing that the spend band made more damage than good, my bff suggested that I simply give myself a challenging monthly budget for shopping. This budget must also include 50% of the value of what I get for free and it starts in May. So yesterday, I dragged the hubby over to my favorite retail store to get some "free" goodies before they actually count :).

  2. I agree with Anh. Overall you did a good job of staying on budget! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Thank you for the motivation ladies! I'm still thinking about the baby blue blazer a la Cameron D so I think I will treat myself.

    @Anh, value is such a subjective term! Suggeested value? Online price? Retail price? Sale price? There are so many loop holes... which is good because I love all your newness.