Friday, April 8, 2011

Sacrificing space to save money... is this just silly?

When I first moved to Montreal, I found a 3.5 apartment with 800 square feet for $918 a month in the neighbourhood known as the Golden Mile. I was a 10 minute walk from work and in the heart of downtown Montreal. I was also within walking distance to every shop you could imagine and the metro. As I had moved from Toronto, I thought that this was a score! Friends of mine were easily paying $1000 a month for less space and had the pleasure of living with a roommate just to be in the core of downtown TO.

However, I quickly discovered that I was paying a fortune by Montreal standards for my place. I then moved a couple more times into different neighbourhoods and with each move, my rent got a little bit lower. While I did sacrifice some space on my quest for a better rent deal, I never got as low as 90 square feet. Check out this woman who lives in NYC's smallest apartment for the "deal" of $700 USD a month. I don't think I could do it! I'm all up for saving money, but this would leave me feeling squished. My sanity is worth paying to protect and I think is small space is so extreme that it seems silly.

For someone who claims to be a professional organizer, I don't feel like Felice Cohen's apartment is all that streamlined or minimalistic... but maybe that's just me. I would have the apartment looking for like a chic dollhouse and with less piles everywhere.

What are the biggest (or smallest!) sacrifices you have made to save money?


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