Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gift Giving on a budget: Mommy needs some sleep

This is a gift basket that I put together last week for our team’s logistic superstar who is heading off on maternity leave. I know that having a second baby doesn’t scream, “peace at last”, but when I saw it written on an eye mask, I could resist using it as the centre piece for my basket. After all, 1 year away from my team would be peace at last.

While I’m sure she’ll get lots of presents to spoil her baby, I decided that she deserved some TLC too. I used a brightly coloured pink & green polka dot patterned photo memory box and inside, I included Cake bubble bath in a soft citrus squeeze scent, a soft bath puff, chocolate champagne truffles, fuzzy socks, and of course, the fabulous eye mask. The total cost of this cute basket was $15.

I just hope the baby gives her some time to get some well-deserved R&R before safely making his way into the world.



  1. What a cute idea! It looks great. I'm sure she'll love it :) I know I would!

  2. Thanks Miss BBW! I'm thinking that this gift basket could be repurposed for Mother's Day too..