Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly spending recap: April 10th - 16th

Sunday, April 10th
  • $31 at the SAQ from our Grocery/Household envelope
We enjoyed a couple glasses of wine on our back balcony as spring's sunshine has finally sprung. This was post a beautiful run along the Lachine Canal so the carbs didn't count.
Monday, April 11th
  • $14 on groceries
Did a spinning class at the YMCA which is part of my monthly membership for $52.

Tuesday, April 12th
  • No spend day!
It was our first outdoor training session for my 3 Vitesses Triathalon Club. I’m pleased to announce that the club’s website (designed by the sporty, handsome and tech-savvy athletes known as The Spike & The Hammer) is up so if you’re interested in getting fit with some fun people, please train with us!

Wednesday, April 13th
  • $70 for our cleaning service (part of the 4 week budget)
  • $3.69 on a secret item
  • $23.12 at Canada Post to mail the secret item plus to stock back-up on stamps
My cousin is finishing his exchange in France and with less than 4 weeks to go, I’ve sent him a little something to remind him how good life is in Canada. I’ll share this “gift on a budget” in a few weeks just to guarantee the surprise element of snail mail for him.

Thursday, April 14th
  • $178 to HYDRO QUEBEC
They have moved from a monthly billing post-usage billing system to a monthly pre-usage billing system so this covers from March to June 2nd and is part of my rolling 4-week budget.
  • $44 at H&M for a blue & white striped blazer (Clothes Fund)
  • $26 at WINNERS for a military inspired work dress (Fun Money)

Success! My coveted Cameron D blazer has been found, purchased and even worn. (See my post:
Changing my mind like a girl changes clothes.) I also picked up a another dress that is similar to one that I had torn out of a magazine a few months ago.

After diligently tracking my spending and building 4 week rolling budgets for 9 months now and finishing a 40-days of no shoes/clothes/accessories shopping, I have put an official “clothing” expense into my budget. I have decided to set-aside $100 a month for clothes that is above my Fun Money. While this is much lower than the old-me would have spent, it will be at my discretion how I use it each month… some months may be higher if I know I need to purchase running shoes or a fancy dress for a wedding, and other months may be lower if I put my weekly Fun Money towards clothes instead of entertainment, dinners, or random miscellaneous purchases.

The amount in my Clothes Fund is not significant as it’s my attitude that’s important. Over the last little while, I’ve come to appreciate the existing clothes within my closet and I spend time planning looks that I want to wear. When I shop, it’s now with a purpose as I’m looking for a particular item that I felt would augment my current wardrobe instead of a frivolous purchase that is a quick pick-me-up.

Friday, April 15th
  • $13 at MONDOU
  • $30 on groceries
After work, Fergie & I headed over the dog park where a woman and I started chatting while our furry friends played. She was quite concerned that Fergie’s collar did not have her name tag on it with my phone number. While Fergie wears her Montreal canine license with code, the woman pointed out that if Fergie were to get lost & hopefully found, it would be much faster for the finder to call us than go via the Municipality. With that, Fergie and I headed over to Mondou to get her a name tag. While this cost could have come out of our couple’s Grocery/Household expense, I decided to use my Fun Money as I purchased a heart shaped tag that has pink bedazzled crystals on it! Talk about fun! I feel like Fergie now has an extra bounce in her step as her collar looks so chic & stylish.

Saturday, April 16th
  • No spend day!
We were treated to a dinner at my Eye Candy’s mom’s house and spent the evening catching up, enjoying Rouladen, sipping Flensburger beer and discussing the merits of Tom Selleck’s handsomeness as he has aged (ok, the last part was reserved for me + EC’s mom as I think the EC tuned out for that conversation).

$15 has been moved into my Vegas Baby Fund which was left over from my $80 weekly Fun Money.  With my Eye Candy away this past week in Dallas for business, my grocery/household expenses were only $75 for the full week (including the trip to the SAQ) so I moved my remaining allocated $45 over to our couple's Mad Money fund. I have to admit, these envelopes are becoming quite thick with cash so the good times in Vegas are set to roll. 


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