Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly spending recap: February 27th - March 5th

I don't do a monthly a budget as I prefer to have a 4-week rolling one because it is easier for me to track my paycheques and income. I'm at the end of my latest 4 weeks, so next weekend, I'll share my budget for my next rolling-period. In the meantime, here's how this week shaped up.
Sunday, February 27th
- $123 on groceries & households at Loblaws/GNC
- $75 for the Ottawa Half-Marathon registration

I ran 7.5 km in the snow in 48 minutes, came home all powered-up and registred for the half-marathon in May. This will be my second year running Ottawa and my goal is to finish in 2:10. I'll have to cut 5 minutes from my personal best. The run will end up being a weekend away with my Eye Candy and friends so I plan to train hard and feed off of the positive energy of the crowds. Just call me Sporty Spice!

Gift-giving spree: check out my post Gift Giving on a Budget
- $2.84 at Shoppers Drug Mart (bubble bath)
- $3.70 at Dollarama (wrapping paper)
- $43.85 at GNC (oh yeah bars)

Monday, February 28th
- $2.50 for swimming
- $1.31 for tea at Tim Hortons
I know I said I was eliminating lattes-on-the-go, so this was a tiny slip up. But the chance to catch up with my colleagues after being out-of-office for 3 days during the previous week? Priceless. A lot can change in our office in a matter of minutes and a girl needs to keep up.

Tuesday, March 1st
- No spend day!
I did my usual spinning class at UNI that was pre-paid for last November.

Wednesday, March 2nd
- No spend day!
Technically. On the other hand, my Eye Candy and I picked up our new Mazda CX7 so I suppose it was a huge spend day that will carry on for the next 48 months. We're excited to have the car and thrilled with the ride. I'm realling looking forward to finally being able to get around Montreal whenever and wherever I want. Dix-30 here I come!

Thursday, March 3rd
- No spend day.
I headed to the YMCA and enjoyed an amazing spinning class that put me at a deficit of -1000 calories by 7:45 am.

Friday, March 4th
- $26 at the SAQ. Wine for the weekend!
- $8 to fix my boots at the cobbler.
Note to self: I am now keeping all receipts for future clothing purchases. Apparently, I could have taken my boots back to ALDO and they would have repaired it for free as these were a recent purchase.

- $19.30 on drycleaning
Note to self: I can whine all I want about this bill, but I knew that purchasing a white coat (it has beautiful roses on the collar and I was absolutley lusting after it) was asking for trouble. It really was just a matter of time before Miss Fergie showed me some love with her dirty paws against my pretty coat.

- $5.70 at Dollarama
Treats & stuff for Fergie. No high end pet shop for this furry friend.

- $95 at Veterinarian LaSalle
But my furry friend does get high-end pet food. This came out of our Mad Money fund. Once upon a time, Mad Money was supposed to be for us to go for dinner, but those days are over. None the less, Fergie is worth it and the food will last 3 months.

Confession of a shopaholic time: I did check out the Runway Event at Winners. What girl could resist? Red carpets greet you as you enter the store and high-end couture pieces (Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Pucci) are screaming for you to rescue them from the racks and adopt them into your lovely closet.

But in the end, I only walked away embarrassed. I somehow set off an alarm while attempting to try on a Red Valentino trench. The wailing noise of the buzzer and rush of the ancient security guard over was enough to knock some sense into me and I put the $395 piece back on the rack. I'm thinking about installing a siren into my wallet as it proved to be an effective way of cutting back my shopping. Damn.

Saturday, March 6th
- $2.52 on the Montreal Gazette. My subscription will start next week. As quick as it was for me to sign-up for weekend delivery, they sure are not quick about getting it to me.

We enjoyed a fun & delicious dinner with our favourite friends last night at La Prunelle. I picked up the wine and My Eye Candy picked up the tab. Now that my friends know all about my financial fabulousness, I thank them for indulging me in this BYOW night-out on the town.

All in all, I'm able to put $20 of Fun Money into my Vegas Baby fund. And last night, we talked again with our friends about a trip to Mexico to ring in New Years 2012. I have a continued commitment to cut-out the frivilous day-to-day so I can enjoy the fabulous life.


  1. Wicked! Thanks to your inspiration, I've started my own budget, oh-so-easy on my mac. And it's pretty pink and baby blue. ;) Much better than black and white!
    My new saving goal is to live on under $900 per month so that I can put $200 in my travel-the-world fund for after I graduate. I got in such a funk recently that my "new student lifestyle" didn't have room for trips like I was used to when I was a working girl....and then I figured I'd stop pouting about it and come up with a plan so that I could treat myself to a trip when this crazyness is done! It's going to be a stretch, especially because I'm regularly buying two teas on campus per day (blame it on late night homework sessions and early morning workouts) but I think I can do it if I really watch my pockets (and get a travel mug).
    Thanks for the fiscal responsibility kick-in-the-pants, missy!

  2. You go girl! The hardest part is just getting started. While budgeting isn't fun, it does feel fabulous to know what you can spend and as a result, I enjoy those purchases so much more!

    I've also kept my rolling 4wk budgets interesting on excel. I'm sure every accountant out there would scream at my labels (GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNDS for Revenue... BILLS, BILLS, BILLS for Expenses...I'M BACK IN THE BLACK for my Net Cash)and pink background colours.

    Before you know it, you'll be booking the vacation of your dreams and toasting your graduation!

    Happy studying!