Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekly spending recap: March 13th - 19th

My spending last week was pretty minimal. Mostly because I was so busy accepting birthday gifts that I didn’t have time to splurge on myself. HeeHee!

Here’s where my moula-la went last week:

Sunday, March 13th
No spend day!I did some window shopping with my Mum and we checked out our favourite home décor stores. While there was plenty of “stuff” to browse through, I didn’t make any purchases.

Monday, March 14th
No spend day! I was in Toronto for work so all my expenses were covered. I did enjoy Springrolls for lunch which I used to love when I lived in TO. The restaurant should really hurry up and get to Montréal.

Tuesday, March 15th
$3.87 at Carlton Cards
(You would think after last week’s splurge, I would have bought enough stock… but I was looking for the perfect little card to thank my parents & my sister for spoiling me with the perfect birthday gifts and that’s not easy to find.)
$6.73 on Stamps
(What’s the point of buying cards if you can’t mail them?)

I did my usual spinning class at UNI which was paid for last December. It was an extra peppy class as the music was pure Weekly Top 40 so I was really able to kick up my speed a notch. Not everyone in the room shared my enthusiasm for the tunes. In fact, I do believe a certain spinner was asking for Rihanna to “please stop the music” at certain points.

Wednesday, March 16th
$70 for our cleaning service
Worth every penny!

$37.52 at Entrecote Saint-Jean
Dinner with my work bff and favourite friend! The ladies are also the fabulous fashionista bloggers that I follow if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to spend your money this spring season. With only 4 dinner option on the menu (steak, steak, steak or more steak) it was a relatively easy purchase decision. I splurged on a glass of wine.

Thursday, March 17th
Happy St. Patty’s! It was a no spend day for me, but I did get a night out on the town with my Eye Candy and friends at Café Griffintown. We enjoyed a few rounds of drinks and the most delicious Mac & Cheese dinner that I’ve ever had. (If you’re going to cheat with carbs, you might as well not hold back).

Friday, March 18th
Again, a no spend day!
However, my favourite highschool teacher was in town for so Mrs. H treated me to lunch at Java U. This is our annual March Break tradition to get together & catch-up. Not that I get to take vacation this week, but still, I like to escape the office even if it’s for an hour.
I also popped by the YMCA after work (paid for on a monthly basis) to burn off some steam with a 40 minute interval run on the treadmill. Ottawa half-marathon here I come!

Saturday, March 19th
Happy Birthday to me!
All my spending was associated with preparing for my party. To read the full recap, check out my last post Crazy Little Party Girl!

This was a weird week for spending grocery/household money since I wasn’t home for the start of it and I ate out a fair bit. All in all, I spent $48 of my weekly Fun Money so I’m moving the remaining $32 into my Vegas Baby envelope. The best part is that I resisted the urge to treat myself to a birthday gift… while I do have a Gift Fund its really not to a secret way to give presents to myself!



  1. Reading all these spending recaps have inspired me to track my spending on a daily basis in my google calender. Unfortunately, I'm not good at not spending money, is what I learned from it. I only have 3 days of no spending in March.

    Maybe I am more of a big picture kind of gal?

    PS. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  2. I love the Google calendar idea! I put my "bill payments" into my Outlook calendar, but I think it would be useful to put everything in one spot. My BF and I have decided to stop paying cash for groceries/households and use our VISAs instead (we'll get more points or % back that way). Our plan is to put the remaining unspent $$$ from our weekly $120 into our Mad Money every Sunday, but I'm worried it wll be difficult to track. Google might be a solution!