Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly spending recap: March 20th - 26th

This week's spending recap is especially exciting as I have zilch to report. Nada. Nothing. Nilch. Rien. Zero! Trust me, in the world of personal finance blogs, this is impressive news. I opened my Fun Money envelope this morning and saw 4 crisp $20 bills in there... I somehow managed to go the entire week without spending any of my Fun Money. Sure, I did spend dollars from our Grocery/Household fund, but when it came to my own day-to-day, my $80 weekly allowance stayed put. And the best part? I did have fun this week! (Sidenote: I was also working longer hours preparing a gigantic presentation for our upcoming Royal Tour with our president. This may have played a role in my lack of expenses - I was too spent to spend!)

Sunday, March 20th
- No spend day!
Pretty much stayed on the couch all day sipping gingerale and recovering from the best birthday party ever.

Monday, March 21st
- No spend day!

Tuesday, March 22nd
- No spend day!
Did my usual spinning class at UNI which I paid for last December. I also rushed home to take care of Miss Fergie as my Eye Candy was on an excruciatingly long trip to Atlanta. Our dog walker stopped by during the day at a rate of $15 for 45 mins, but the EC covers this expense... he travels = he pays.

Wednesday, March 23rd
- No spend day!

Thursday, March 24th
- $29 at IGA for all the fixings of a pizza and chicken wings.

We had a cheat night as my Eye Candy finally returned home after snowstorms on the East Coast left him stranded in the Philidelphia airport overnight & throughout the day. A 2 hour flight turned from Atlanta-Montreal into a 24 ordeal via multiple airports and after all that, I felt that comfort food was in order.

I missed my usual morning swimming work-out as the EC was delayed unexpectedly. It's too hard for me to swim and take care of the pup in the wee hours of the morning before work. (Miss Fergie hasn't tried swimming yet so her joining me is not an option... and perhaps not socially acceptable. Although this summer, I am making use of my parents' pools to teach her do butterfly - when my Dad goes for his usual afternoon siesta of course. No need to rock that boat.)

Friday, March 25th
- $22 at the IGA for groceries
I also went to the YMCA after work and I'll confess, my motivation was because I have all these new new Lululemon exercise outfits to wear. My spinning class was pure intervals for 60 minutes and needless to say, I may have looked good going into the class ... but came out looking disgustingly hot. My YMCA membership is part of my rolling 4 week budget.

Saturday, March 26th
- $23 at Future Shop for the Ufile software
Guess what I'm doing this evening? It's tax time! I know it's Saturday night, but it's Montreal and spring is not here so I have no desire to step out in -12˚C weather anymore. After a 60+ hours of work this week, I'm ready to take it easy. Since I'm expecting a tax refund, this may be the best ROI of an evening ever.

My Eye Candy and I will both use the software so we took it from our Grocery/Household expenses for the week. This was a grey area as I didn't quite know where to allocate this purchase... tax software just doesn't exactly scream Fun Money.

We also did a bit of browsing at Reno Depot this afternoon. I'm still on the hunt to find a chic bookcase for our living room to hide our DVDs/CDs and miscellaneous. I feel like we are beyond the IKEA billybob shelving unit in our home decor style, but the spot is tight and I'm having trouble replacing them a nothing seems to fit.

In addition to window shopping, I also popped by the library to pick up my next round of reading material. I'm very much enjoying the "freeness" of the library. I still browse through Chapters Indigo, but rather than splurging on books I simply take photos of the ones I want to read and then go online to reserve them with my local library.

My last little bit of fun this week was spent with the EC and Miss Fergie as we did a 2.5 hour hike up & down (ok, it was more like trail walking) Mont Royal this afternoon. It was the perfect free activity to finish the week and I now have an exhausted puppy who loves me just a little bit more today.

The $80 from my Fun Money is going right into my Vegas Baby envelope. With the trip a mere 36 days away, I need to start glitter proofing my clothes. If there are any other ideas for free ways to spend my time, please share!


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