Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekly spending recap: March 6th - 12th

I am a little bit behind on my Weekly Spending recap for March 6th – 12th. I travelled to Toronto for work so my personal receipts were all mixed up with my work expenses and I needed time to sort through them. Plus, I got to spend the weekend with my family so when Sunday night rolled around, I opted for some bonding time versus sitting in front of my computer and cleaning out my wallet. None the less, here is how last week shaped up:

Sunday, March 6th
  • $34 at Wal-Mart on the basic household items
  • $122 at Loblaws on groceries that would last us for 4 days of food. My Eye Candy was on his own for the rest of the week as I had my Mum taking care of me.

Monday, March 7th

  • $2.50 for swimming at the LaSalle AquaDome
  • $11.28 at Canada Post to send my cousin a care package. Considering the parcel is full of goodies (read my last post, Gift Giving on a Budget) on route to Afghanistan , I found this to very affordable.
  • $25.24 at Carlton Cards. I went it in to grab two birthday cards and walked out with 6. Oops! They were having a sale (Buy 3 Get 3) and I absolutely love their Papryus collection so I took it as an opportunity to stock on cards for all those special occasions from now until June. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a sale.
  • $1.31 at Tim Hortons. There is something about Monday’s as I’m just not able to get through the afternoon without a caffeine kick.

Tuesday, March 8th

  • No spend day! I did my usual spinning class at UNI Training which was pre-paid in December. Now that Daylight Savings Time has sprung, I should be outside biking within a few weeks. Here’s to a season of staying on my bike and scar-free.

Wednesday, March 9th
Date night! Since my Eye Candy had been travelling a lot over recent weekends and I was set to go away, I treated him to a night on the town in Montréal.

  • $21 on IMAX tickets to see Arabia 3D which I had purchased last month through our Social Club at work. I saved $7 off the regular ticket price. A fire alarm got pulled half-way through the show so we had to make an emergency evacuation, but please note, I did not incur any injuries. While it was a nuisance, IMAX gave us 2 tickets towards another show so I’m not complaining. Our next date night will be a freebie!
  • $42 at Brit & Chips in Old Port for a post-movie dinner and round of beer. I made a fool of myself by ordering a 1/4 pint. What can I say? It's usually all I drink so it should be a standard size.

Thursday, March 10th

  • No spend day! A bad snow storm hit Montreal so flights were delayed arriving into Trudeau’s airport. I spent 7 hours waiting to take a 90 minute flight to Toronto and trust me, the airport is really not that exciting. WestJet did serve us cupcakes in an effort to make up for the inconvenience. At least I got a sugar rush! All the rest of my expenses (dinner & drinks) are covered by work.

Friday, March 11th

  • No spend day!

Saturday, March 12th

  • $1.82 at Starbucks: my Mum drove downtown Toronto with me on route to have my haircut so I figured I owed her at least a cup of tea to thank her for her company (and the loan of the car).
  • $94 for my haircut including tips and $5 for parking. This is the Personal Care expense that I had planned for the month. Please see my recent post Finding the "One" as this $99 pricetag left me feeling like a million-bucks and came in $1 under budget.

As a result of my splurge at Carlton Cards, I used up all of my $80 of Fun Money for the week and actually went over by $2.25. Not a huge deal, other than I like the satisfication of putting left-over cash into my Vegas Baby fund. Maybe next week!


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