Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The last bit of icing

As I have been celebrating my birthday for over a week now, this will be my last post on the subject. But I've saved the best for last! I really do have the best family, friends and piece of Eye Candy ever as I was spoiled this birthday with amazing & thoughtful presents.
What girl can resist sparkling snail mail?
The greatest thingg about my Mum & my Sister? They know how to pick out the perfect dresses! This is the LBD + shimmering bib necklace that I wore to my soiree.

Office chic

This just screams evening in Las Vegas walking along the Strip. Complete with the best faux crystal necklace ever.

Mad Men inspired

Fun & just because

Sparkly bling! (Ok - the tiara was mine to begin with)

Because I'm the real Sporty Spice!

Financially fabulous inspired and so much appreciated! (PS: The corks are for a contribution to an upcoming art project... stay tuned)

And by now, you must be wondering what is that behind the beautiful dozen long stemmed red roses from my Eye Candy? Well... ladies & gents, I present Zazzles! All gorgeous 8 feet of Zebra given to me by my Eye Candy. In addition to being a beauty (she seems to be wearing eye illuminating mascara), she made this birthday down right zazzy.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have some thank you cards to write!


  1. PS: I apologize for some of the formatting -blogspot was giving me a hard time. The pics don't quite appear as they do in my "view preview" window. Oh well.

  2. Rosie darling - did you want that pic? Or was it chosen at random?? Very zazzy!!!

  3. What girl doesn't want a little zebra to add flair to her life?

  4. Your family & friends have impeccable taste!

  5. Yay!!!! :)

    I see my card & present included in your pics. Thank you Canada Post. :)