Friday, February 25, 2011

Subscribing to savings

I'm taking a Benylin (extra-strength) day as I am no longer fighting a nasty cold - it won. While I prefer to moan & groan on my couch, my puppy Miss Fergie really does not care about ailments and expects her walk rain or shine, congestion or not! On our stroll this morning I stopped by the Couche Tard to pick up The Montreal Gazette.
This is something that I do every Saturday morning as it's my ritual to brew my coffee, stroll with Fergie and pick up the paper to enjoy in my pajamas back in the condo for 30 minutes of a blissfully quiet read. At $2.52 an issue, it's hardly an exuberant cost. But then I started thinking... I subscribe to my favourite magazines because it drastically reduces the cost and it turns out, the same holds true for The Gazette.
In one Google search, I discovered a promotion for the Saturday issue at $5.49 a month... that's 49% of the stand price! While I'll take the hit of $66 on my credit card this month, I'll save $64 by the end of the year. Since I've been reading The Gazette every weekend for 3 months now, I know that this is something that I will enjoy and is worth the savings in the long-run... so long live the printed press!

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