Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wired, but now saving on my wireless!

I came home from work this afternoon as I managed to get a nasty cold after yesterday's day-trip to Toronto. I now I have a fear of flying... not of heights, but of germs! It seems like every flight I take, I end up sick no matter how well I hydrate or sanitize. But that's another topic.

Unfortunately, my Benylin has left me wired and unable to sleep so I took the opportunity to review my wireless plan. On average, I've been spending $110 each month to support my bedazzled iPhone (yes, I love it mostly for it's glam pink crystal case) and this is a pretty hefty chunk of change. Especially since my role in marketing doesn't include a cell phone. While I expense long-distance charges associated with work, I realized that I am paying for a premium plan that accomodates my worklife... without receiving any compensation. Not any more!
Since I was stuffed up & conjested on the couch, I had all the time in the world to build wireless packages with ROGERS ONLINE and then call in to their customer-service centers when the online packages got way too confusing.

After 1 Excell spreadsheet, 5 online comparisons, 4 customer service reps later, and 46 minutes on the phone, I've slashed my bill by 43%! I was not using my 1GB of data access a month and didn't mind if my evenings started at 8 pm. By sticking to my "sugar tastes better than vinegar" strategy for dealing with the reps and planning ahead of time that I wanted in my package under $70, I was able to get exactly what I was looking for. I've saved myself $48 a month... or $600 a year!

(I want to post my spreadsheet, but I can't figure out how... maybe once my Eye Candy gets home to show me how! It's an impressive chart.)

Meanwhile, call me!

* Rosie *


  1. Great job on slashing your cell phone bill. Since you use your cell phone for work, maybe you can talk to your boss to get part of that covered, as well?

    I'd love to see your comparison spreadsheet. I'm looking for a new plan soon, and even though I have a dinosaur of a phone, I'd love to upgrade if that makes more sense (financially and for convenience). I usually just do a screen capture and crop it in paint as a jpg.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm going get some charts up next week and bar graphs that will show my progress towards my financial goals. But first I need to decide what exactly those are! *Sigh* So far to go...

    Your blog is a great source of motivation for me! Merci!