Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly spending recap: February 22nd - 26th

Ladies & Gents, I present my first weekly spending recap. As part of my 4 week rolling budget, I have allocated $120 / week to groceries & households plus $80 of fun & frivilous spending cash. I'm trying to live frugally these days and save my Fun Money for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Sunday, February 20th:
- $37 on groceries
- $20 to my Eye Candy towards the purchase of a bottle of wine & Scotch.

We had had my cousins over for dinner the night before and he picked up the booze. My contribution is somewhat minimal as
Kumala, favourite cabernet sauvignon, is only $11 at the SAQ and ahem, only one person in our relationship drinks the Scotch. Sidenote: I am bitter about this purchase as I was a complete klutz when I took the groceries out of the car and my wine fell out of the bag and onto the concrete garage floor. It never stood a chance.
- did a strength training class + run at the YMCA which is part of my regular monthly expenses

Monday, February 21st
- $2.50 for a swim at the
LaSalle Aquadome.
For this relatively cheap indulgence, I got a solid 1 hour work-out at 7:00 am and the opportunity to practice underwater martial arts as I fought against a 60 year-old lane hog who despite his size, had one fierce flip turn.

Tuesday, February 22nd
- no spend day!

- did my spinning class at UNI which I pre-paid for in December

Wednesday, February 23rd
- no spend day!

I was on a business trip to Toronto, so all my expenses were covered. My flight was late so Miss Fergie had to spend the night at the vet and I'm going to talk to my boss as I think this deserves to be covered too.

Thursday, February 24th
- no spend day!

Friday, February 25th
- $8.50 at SuperVideo.

I was home with a nasty cold and needed some entertainment. I spent the day sick as a dog, snuggling Fergie on the couch, and watching Lady & the Tramp plus 101 Dalmatians. Good times! After watching all that puppy love romance, I made myself a delicious & spicy spaghetti squash for dinner endorsed by my favouite Paleo Girls.
- $75 to register for the Ottawa Half-Marathon (planned for in my monthly budget)
- $65 for my year-long Saturday subscription to the Monteal Gazette (I have enough $ in my monthly budget to cover this and it saves me in the long run! Check out yesterday's post: Subscribing to Savings for more details.)

Saturday, February 26th
- $42 on groceries
- $23 on Fernando's cat food

I now have $50 left-over from my Fun Money that is going towards a new envelope, appropriately named Vegas Baby. From the remaining groceries/household contribution, my $20 is going toward our Mad Money fund. If this keeps up, I’ll have little jackpot saved up before the vacation starts… and isn’t that the way it should be?


  1. It occurs to me that banks should offer "envelopes" for online banking. Segregations in accounts that are restricted from your debit card but can be accessed on-line. That way your money is still safely secured in the bank and you may even earn a little bit of interest. As a user of the envelope system, do you think an e-version would work?

  2. Hammer-time,
    I missed your comment. Please forgive me for being a novice blogger!

    I absolutely wish that banks offered "envelopes" from my chequing account... or VISA for that matter. As one of my other followers pointed out, I'm missing out points by spending money in cash. (But since I'm still recovering from credit card using, I think the cash is the cheaper option because I like when it disappears!)