Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly spending recap: July 3rd – July 9th

The most I’ve spent this last week was on dinner out at Le Chien Fumant. A $155 was a pricy experience and you can read more about my sticker shock here.  

Today I am thankful for fresh fruits & vegetables! July is prime time for ripe and healthy sweet treats.  With so much food in season, my grocery bill is getting some relief.

Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was spending Friday afternoon with my friend Miss Fitness Champ. I got to check out her new luxe apartment in Montreal and enjoy an afternoon on the building’s rooftop patio next to the pool. Bliss!

I will consider this week a success if I firm up more plans with friends to enjoy activities from my Thirty Flirty list.  

The last impulse purchase that I talked myself out of was a puppy! Hanging out at the dog park with Miss Fergie is too much fun these days as there are a few dogs who are waltzing around with their litter of puppies. So while Miss Fergie is rolling around in the mud, I couldn’t help but be tempted to bring a new fur ball home. Fortunately, the memories of house-breaking Fergie and her recent need for $127 worth of antibiotics brought me back to reality. That being said, my Eye Candy has expressly asked me not to go to the dog park without him... And I leave you with some super cute pics of the puppies.


This is Miss Goldie Locks. She is a 6 weeks old, and an
affectionate & mischievious fuzzy retriever.

In the right light, Miss Goldie Locks and I have the same haircolour.
I'm starting to regret resisting her!

And these are Miss Goldie Locks brothers.
Yes - they have the same baby daddy!
There are 5 left in the litter who still need homes so act fast.

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  1. What a cute puppy! Have you thought about volunteering at a shelter? That way you get to have lots of fun with the animals but you won't have to pay the expenses!