Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fabulous link love

Inspired by my fellow bloggers, I present you my first edition of Link Love. These are the posts that peaked my interest this week so make yourself a café latte and enjoy these wonderful reads for a relaxing, yet insightful Saturday morning.

Financial & Fabulous
Britney of Totally Money asks if buying wholesale is worth it and offers some tips on how to navigate your next trip. I’ve found that Costco’ing on Wednesday’s at 8:00 pm is the quietest time – and the taste-testing is still out.
Young & Thrifty offers advice on how to avoid financial fatigue as a couple. I’m glad we’re not the only dynamic duo hooked on Storage Wars and secretly consider themselves to be bff’s with Marshall and Lily.
Tom Bradley of The Globe looks into the future with five predictions for the wealth management industry.

Fun & Fabulous
Girls just want to have fun! Seventeen magazine celebrates 65 years of historic covers. I love the 1957 coverpage and today, I feel like wearing yellow too.
The Everyday Minimalist asks when do you know you’ve become one? Her shopping list reminds me of my own… and I never thought that would happen. I love the mantra that minimalism is a process, not a project.

Professional & Fabulous
Marie Claire magazine reveals how much should your co-workers know about you. Let the unfriending begin.

Fit & Fabulous
One Love Meg creates a go-to-table to help you decipher your cravings.

I will now be going offline and up north to for a little chalet get-a-way with friends. The only place you'll find me for the next 48 hours is on the dock.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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