Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gift Giving on a Budget: Toenails are for sissies

A runner has to keep whatever toe nails
she has left as pretty as possible.
One of my favourite friends celebrates her birthday this month and while it’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen each other face-to-face as we live in different cities, we’ve stayed close via e-mail, Facebook, snail mail and we’ve bonded over our shared love for running, the great outdoors, and our dogs. Plus, the 6 months that we spent together on exchange in Strasbourg will forever be fond memories when we were the dynamic duo known as L’Equipe Blonde. 

On my birthday, she treated me to a copy of Born to Run which I devoured and it’s given me new inspiration for why I want to run and how-to run. Along the same theme, I sent her a present that is for post-running.

Unfortunately, bruised toenails are a frequent occurrence for distance runners and while our nails may be short (or in some cases missing), it doesn’t mean that we can’t have pretty feet. We put our heels & toes through so much that they deserve to be pampered so I sent her a gift to do just that. Her gift bag included a new pair of flip-flops for the post-workout foot soak, bubble bath, a loofah and pretty nailpolish colours in the summer season’s bright seaside hues. I bought this gift while shopping at Loblaws as Joe Fresh’s collection had everything that I was looking for and her present was $14 plus $9 to mail it via Canada Post.


PS: If you are looking for unique apparel for running or your post work-out, check out One More Mile. I love their cheeky sayings that every runner can relate to. I have the shirt that says “I know I run like a girl, try to keep up” but other fun items proudly declare “toenails are for sissies”, “some girls chase boys, I pass them”, “this IS my race pace”, and “21.1 km: Canadians do it metric”.  

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