Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun, fun, fun, til her daddy took the T-bird away

I expected my first post post-Vegas to be a summary of my incredible time in Sin City, however, I need to make a quick entry to rant.

This afternoon, my workplace BFF and I made a 60-minute trek north of Montreal to attend a visitation for a favourite boss' mother who just lost a courageous battle with cancer.

After congratulating ourselves on finding our way easily to Ste-Eustache, I was making my way into the right lane to turn into the funeral home. I then noticed an unmarked cop car with lights ablazin' from my rearview mirror and it dawned on me that I was expected to pull over. It turns out that the funeral parlor is next to a school and at at 3:45 pm today, I was doing 50 km/hr in a 30 km/hr zone (from 3:00 - 5:00 pm only). Shame on me. I've seen enough Dateline NBC reports to understand the difference between getting in an accident at 50 km and 30 km is dramatic.

All that being said, I was on my into a funeral home. Truthfully. 

The cop had no sympathy when my colleague explained that we were not from the area and we were 12 seconds away from pulling into the funeral home's parking lot. I received a $110 fine, lost 2 demerit points, and have been emotionally frazzled ever since. Please excuse my language, but I do believe the cop is a bit of a prick given the whole situation. I'm the type to beat myself up anyways so I promise you that a slap on the wrist and a strict warning would have been just as effective. This was my first traffic infraction too.

I'm now donating $110 to Montreal's roadworks projects, which is a shame as there are much more worthwhile causes out there than the refillment of our province's potholes. Should you be so inspired, The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is one that comes to mind:


  1. Wow, the way you tell the story is like as if I was there right next to you :).

  2. If only I'd read this article first... and spoke fluent French.

    I blame it on the fact that I was not wearing my Voluminous Million Lashes today.