Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap: May 8th - May 14th

I'm back! I will admit that I've been pretty much MIA from my blog since my return from my extended weekend vacations. The truth is, I've had a lot to catch up on work, wanted to make working out a priority, and I've been spending more time with friends. If I have the choice between sipping a glass of wine in the evening with friends versus typing on my computer, then you'll know where to find me. Here's how this past week shaped up:

Sunday, May 8th
Happy Mother's Day! We treated my Eye Candy's mom to brunch chez nous and my boyfriend bought her a cute little bird house for her balcony. It turns out that the condo board where she lives doesn't allow bird feeders... but this one was so chic that she is going to be a rebel and hang it anyways.

As for my Mum - she'll be visiting in a few weeks as I bought tickets to the upcoming Roch Voisine concert for her Mother's Day present. This purchase was made last December so it didn't impact my wallet this month.

$103 for groceries from Costco.
I'll be writing about this experience in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

Monday, May 9th
$100 for my running course
While this is one of the cheapest forms of exercise out there (just you, shoes, and the pavement), I want to improve my technique and learn how to better pace myself. For the next 12 weeks, you'll find me running around the Atwater Market and Canal each Monday evening. This is part of my 4 week rolling budget. 

Tuesday, May 10th
No spend day!
Did a spinning class at the YMCA.

Wednesday, May 11th
$70 for our cleaning service
$98 at Costco for Reactin & Zone protein bars (more details to come!)
$9.17 at Canada Post to send some birthday cards overseas and a present via snail mail
$2.05 for a morning coffee at Cafe Depot
$1.88 at Second Cup post-work
$7.69 at AMC for kid size popcorn

I received guest passes for the VIP premiere of The Bridesmaids from my EC's mom and I went after work with a favourite colleague. We enjoyed some pre-movie sunshine on the patio at Second Cup, and once inside, treated ourselves with popcorn and a cute cupcake (free from a caterer sponsoring the show). The film is quite funny and ideal for a mid-week giggle session.

Thursday, May 12th
$7.69 at Subway for lunch
$8 at Cafe Theatre for a glass of wine
$20.51 at Guido & Angelina's for dinner
$13.50 at AMC for my ticket to see Something Borrowed
$11.48 at AMC for small sized popcorn

I couldn't remember the last time I went to the cinema and then this week, I went twice. Thursday night was ladies night and I met up with friends for a post-work drink, dinner, and then a rom-com. I absolutely loved Something Borrowed and I'll be adding this to my collection once I find it on DVD (in the previously viewed section, of course). Kate Hudson is adorable (I feel like we should be BFFs) and her outfits gave me so many ideas of what to wear this upcoming summer.

Friday, May 13th
No spend day!
My Eye Candy treated me to a glass of wine (or 2) at the Burgundy Lion. We spent the late afternoon sipping our drinks on the new patio and enjoying the short-lived sunshine.

Saturday, May 14th
$139.97 on new running shoes
I've never been so excited to buy sneakers before! The pair that I was wearing were long over-due to be replaced - they had done 2 half-marathons, 11 months worth of practice runs, and were worn while biking and spinning. Yikes! The moment I put my new NIKES on, my feet felt like they were in heaven and I will never go that long again before replacing a pair. I took these new babies out for an 18 km run in the evening (and in the rain) so they are broken in and ready for the Ottawa Half-Marathon in 2 weeks.

$178 at Costco on groceries for the upcoming week. More details to come!

All in all, I spent $85 of Fun Money this week so I was slightly over budget. I had more meals out than usual, but it was worth it. Plus, coming back from my vacations mid-week meant that I had some dollars to carry-forward. I no longer have a Vegas Baby envelope to put my extra Fun Money into. I've created a Girl's Just Wanna Have Funds envelope where my extra weekly moula-la-la will go for impromtu purchases. 



  1. I'm interested to hear about your Costco adventure. See ya tomorrow!


  2. I have a Second Cup gift card that I keep forgetting to use. It's yours, so you'll have extra moula for your "Girls Wanna Have Funds"
    envelope! ha ha

  3. @Anh - I've missed you too much. I can't wait to hear about & see your outfits from NYC. I hope you have some "peace" sign poses for me.

    PS: The cop didn't fill out my speeding ticket correctly. I'm going to go to court and fight!

    On the next episode of Law & Order -

    Me: Judge, how could I be speeding? I don't even know what I'm accused of doing.

    Judget: Well young lady, it says right here that you were doing, um... ahem... it appears that the ticket is blank and unsigned.

    Me: Then how can I be accused by my accuser if I don't even know what I'm accused of?

    Judge: Case dismissed.

    (And I will then strut out triumphantly with my $110 saved).

  4. @Tennis Barbie - and I have a gift certificate to LuLu so we have to check it out next weekend. I have a list of places to hit up - including Costco taking you to Costco too! xoxo

  5. I loved Bridesmaids and I enjoyed the book of Something Borrowed. I'd love to get ideas for summer outfits, too.