Friday, May 13, 2011

Gift giving on a budget - always fresh.

A few weeks ago I hinted about a mystery gift in my weekly spending report, but I didn't share any details as I was waiting for the recipient to first confirm reception.

My cousin is spending his final semester of highschool abroad and is studying in France (la chance!). With only a few weeks left to go on his exchange, I decided to send him a little care package via snail mail. I remember from my exchange days in Strasbourg that the last few weeks in a foreign city is a mix of emotions: on one hand, you want to savour every moment of your home-away-from-home as everything still seems so new; but on the other hand, it is not your home and going back to your own is incredibly exciting after being gone for so long.

Now, what do Canadians miss the most when abroad? Tim Hortons of course! While I couldn't send my cousin a double-double, I opted to send him a batch of Timbits. France may be home to the world's most delicious pastries, but it just cannot compete with the sweet goodness of Timmies.

The Timbits cost $3.69 and it was about $14 to mail the package. My cousin confirmed that they arrived one week after I posted and they were still fresh! This does make me question what preservatives are in the Timbits, but none the less, I'm glad that it gave him a taste of home.

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