Thursday, February 23, 2012

Financial Fess Up: Mazda Spinelli is driving me crazy

For those of you who’ve been sweet enough to follow my blog, you’ve already heard about my love/hate relationship with Mazda Spinelli here in Montréal.

First, there was the “up” of purchasing my first car. Then there was the frustration of the missing $500 rebate due to an error in the paperwork that Mazda Spinelli filed. And then there was the satisfaction of finally getting down to business by taking a vacation day to re-register the car in my name. But here comes my confession: its one year after we’ve purchased our lovely CX7 and I’m still waiting on the $500 rebate.

Seriously. Mazda Spinelli has no concept of customer service.

The $500 rebate was agreed to as part of our contract since I was a student less than 5 years ago. Then, Mazda Canada couldn’t give me the $500 rebate as the dealership hadn’t registered the car to me. Mazda Spinelli had made a mistake and only registered it to my Eye Candy. We cleared that mess up in August, but one month passed and I realized that we still hadn’t gotten the rebate. So yet again, I was on the phone with my sales rep, let’s call him Jeremiah because that really is his name, and apparently, my transcript was lost! Mazda Spinelli had lost the second transcript that I gave them!

Within minutes of hanging up the phone from Jeremiah, I sent over a third transcript (representing the third $15 I’d spent to request this form my university) and I was promised personalized attention to sort this matter out. Come November, no word from Jeremiah and he was no longer responding to my voicemails. I sent several emails to him with no reply and then escalated the matter to the dealership manager who we will call Dracon because that is his name. Again, I was promised personalized attention to resolve this matter and yet, more time has passed by and the $500 is still owed to me.

I’m frustrated with myself for letting this go on for so long. Today, I left a voicemail message with Dracon at Mazda Spinelli and then called Mazda Canada to make a formal complaint. I spoke with a great customer service rep who is looking my situation and is supposed to call me back within the next couple of days with hopefully a resolution.
Even Miss Fergie agrees - as much as we love the CX7,
dealing with Mazda Spinelli is no walk in the park.
At this point, I’m beginning to think my only option is to pursue a complaint with the Canadian Better Business Bureau. While $500 on the purchase of our CX7 is not a huge percentage of the total value, $500 is still $500! I received better post-purchase customer service from my dry cleaner.

I continue to enjoy zooming around town in my CX7 but I really wish I had never stepped foot into Mazda Spinelli.



  1. Wow I would definitely report them.

  2. It's now Tuesday and I've still had no response. I wish I could turn back time and purchase the Volkswagon Tiguan instead!