Friday, August 12, 2011

Clearing up the paperwork mess with Mazda Spinelli

TGIF! My Eye Candy & I are enjoying the last day of our staycation before the weekend hits and then it's back to reality on Monday. We opted not to take an elaborate vacation this summer as we're both trying to build up our vacation savings to take some epic future trips (more details to come!). Instead, we've taken the week off with no set plans and no where to go. We did make the trip down the 401 last weekend to see my family at my parent's place. Their home is affectionately known as Barbie & Ken's Seaside Resort as (1) those are their names and (2) their house & garden makes you feel like you're in an episode of the OC. En route back to Montreal, the EC and I (with Fergie too!) spent 2 nights in Ottawa touring our nation's capital and simply disconnecting from it all.

In addition to taking little side trips, one of my favourite things about staycations is that you can get some personal to-do's crossed off your lists. Yesterday, we spent 45 minutes at the SAAQ sorting out our administrative mess with Mazda Spinelli. If you remember from my recent post, we realized that the car registration was only made out to my Eye Candy even though we both purchased it. As a result, the $500 student bursary that I had qualified for as part of our purchasing agreement was not applied to our sale. I was very frustrated with my sales rep's laissez-faire attitude towards the mix-up and disappointed that the onus fell completely on us to sort out the paperwork with the SAAQ.

It wasn't as easy I had understood (from both the SAAQ website and advice from Mazda Spinelli) as there is only a 24-hour window once a car is registred to correct mistakes. Instead, my Eye Candy had to donate half the car to me. Now, please don't think this is a generous gift from my boyfriend because like I wrote, I'm already paying for half of the vehicle.

It took a pile of paperwork, the issuance of new licence plates, and $86 to make the transcation. There is also the chance that Revenue Canada or Quebec will audit us, but our attendant said this would be unlikely since we both reside at the same address and have financing paperwork with Mazda Spinelli prove we were correcting an error on the registration. 

Once we had our new registration, we went over to Mazda Spinelli to pay an impromptu visit to our sales rep Jeremiah. I'm pleased to report that  he immediately processed all the paperwork needed for my $500 bursary and issued a cheque to cover the $86 transcation fee. In the end, we lost our personal time sorting out the administrative mess, but at least we were not out of pocket for the error. Besides, the Lachine SAAQ is a beautiful destination spot. 


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