Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first eBay purchase

I have made my first ever eBay purchase!

Over the last several weeks I've become distraught at the amount of crystals that my 3G iPhone case is losing. Because seriously, a fuschia hot pink bedazzled iPhone case is only tacky if it's bling is missing. I've had it for over year, but I was still reluctant to go back to the boutique where I made my first purchase as it would be $40 hit to this week's Fun Money.

Fortunately, my favourite friend was visiting over the weekend and she introduced me to the wonders of eBay. With her help too, I found the perfect replacement case. Not only is it pink and bedazzled, but it's zebra print. My new case is bling and zazzy rolled all into one!

I could have waited 2 hours to win the bid at $0.25 USD for my new iPhone case, but I opted to buy it immediately as the excitement took hold of me. For $1.00 cost and $7.50 shipping fee (all paid on VISA via PayPal), my new case will arrive in a couple of days. The best part is that my ideal purchase for less than 25% the price of retail. Where has eBay been all my life?

Out with the old...

And in the with new!



  1. I love it! You can find really great deals on eBay. I've gotten all kinds of stuff, especially clothes from past seasons I didn't have money for at the time - for a fraction of the price!

  2. It really is incredible what else I've found, but I've held myself back. I think I might use eBay for my Christmas shopping this year. Any tips for winning auctions?