Friday, September 23, 2011

Lost cat Montreal: $200 reward

$200 reward to the lovely person who brings
my furry friend home safely.
I'm off work today to make up for the crazy weekends that I spent at my office earlier this month to prepare for a major presentation. I was really looking forward to a long weekend and a laissez-faire Friday morning sipping a giant cafe latte and reading my glossy magazines. Unfortunately, my handsome cat Fernando went missing yesterday and since finding out, I've done nothing but worry and feel guilt ridden.

My Eye Candy and I think he disappeared yesterday morning when our back patio door blew open from a draft (it happens all the time chez nous, and I'm kicking myself for not double checking that it was locked). Miss Fergie stayed on the balcony, and it never even crossed my mind that Fernando would go outside! Fernando is exceptionally timid - he's affectionate and curious, but lives up to the reputation of being a "scaredy" cat.

I rescued Fernando as a kitten from the Animal Rescue Network on day 2 of my move to Montreal. I had never had a pet growing up so Fernando was a lovely addition to my life. At the risk of coming across like a crazy cat lady, I'm so glad that he was there when I first moved to this city. No matter how awful my day was at work or how lonely I felt in the new city, Fernando was always there to welcome me home and tell me about his day. He is known for his skills at hide & seek and more than one friend and neighbourhood has thought they've lost him while visiting or dropping by to feed him. This time however, he's no where in the condo.

I've left a trail of Temptations from our tiny backyard leading up the stairs to our balcony, and his litter box is also under the patio in the hopes he finds that. Both my Eye Candy and I (with Fergie) combed the neighbourhood last night shaking treats and softly saying his name. We've called our vet, and I've posted a $200 reward for Fernando on Craigslist, Kijiji, and This morning I'm going to poster the neighbourhood and continue to call animal rescue organizations. was the first hit that I found when I searched 'what to do about a lost cat'.
Hopefully whoever finds Fernando does the same.
I started a savings account earlier this summer to take care of any emergencies for Fergie and Fernando... I just didn't think I'd be touching it so soon. Let's hope that my next post is about being $200 shorter.


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