Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer lovin' goals

I meant to post this yesterday to correspond with the summer solstice, but unfortunately, I was dealing with a sick little puppy. Yesterday when I picked up Fergie from The Spa for Paws (my Eye Candy is away on business), I found out that she had a fever and gastro so I rushed her to the animal clinic where we waited 2 hours to see a vet, and $127 later, we went home with new food and antibiotics. (The *surprise* costs of a dog will be a whole other post soon.)

...But back to the original purpose of this entry. These are the goals that I plan to accomplish over the summer. This season will be more than just sipping daiquiris by the lake!

Financial & Fabulous
1.   Save $2000 in my Girls Just Wanna Have Funds Investment account.
2.   Save $1000 in my Vacation Fund.
3.   Figure out exactly when I’ll max out my RRSP contributions for 2011 (soon, I think!) and make a plan for what to do next.
4.   Get advice on how to/where to find a personal financial advisor and set-up a short-list of professionals to start meeting with.
5.   Celebrate a year of successful budgeting! Create a summary for the year and evaluate the % of my spending per category versus my income.
6.   Start calculating my net-worth.
7.   Determine if setting up a THRIVE chequing account with ING in exchange for a $100 free is worth the hassle of changing my direct deposits and bidding sayonara to CIBC.

Fun & Fabulous
1.   Cross off all 30 items from my Thirty Flirty List.
2.   Enjoy at least 2 long weekends at my parent’s place which is affectionately known as Barbie & Ken’s Seaside Resort.
3.   Pinpoint our next vacation spot with my Eye Candy and start planning + budgeting.
4.   Roadtrip to Pembrooke to visit my favourite sister.

Professional & Fabulous
1.   Update my resume (it’s been too long and I need to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished).  
2.   Create a Linked-In profile.
3.   Attend at least 1 industry networking event. I hate forced socialization so this will be a major accomplishment for me.
4.   Maintain a work life balance which means being focused, fun & productive when I’m at work, and leaving before 6 pm to enjoy the evenings.

Fit & Fabulous
1.    Run 250 km in prep for the Montreal half-marathon.
2.    Figure out what half-marathon is next on my list. Disney’s Tinkerbell Run seems tempting!
3.    Start my certificate to become a spinning instructor.
4.    Continue to bring my lunch to work everyday.
5.    Eliminate Diet Coke from my diet once & for all. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon.
6.    Upgrade to swimming the Olympic distance for my girls team with 3 Vitesses.
7.    Overcome my fear of biking… well, it’s really my fear of falling.

Well there you have it! This is what I’ll be working towards while thoroughly enjoying the summer sunshine.



  1. Wow! Those sure are some goals. I hope that you are able to cross them off your list :) Good luck.

  2. Wow! What a great list! Good luck this summer :)