Friday, June 24, 2011

Storage Wars

I'm finally storage locker free! 

You might be asking yourself 'how does a mid-20-something gal have so much stuff that she requires a 8'x8'x8'storage locker in the first place and why is this equally budget-conscious frugalista spending $143 each month for someone to store her stuff?' Well, please let me back-up and explain. 

When I made the decision 18 months ago to move in with my Eye Candy, I had been on my own in my own condo for a few years and we had the task of combining 2 adult apartments into one. I had a shabby chic collection of furniture that I had inherited from my Gramma before she moved into a retirement place; meanwhile, my Eye Candy was back in Montreal after years of living in & out of hotels for his consulting roles and was in the process of purchasing furniture & decorating his place. In most ways, his condo represented a blank canvas for us to fuse our tastes together and set-up a home for two.

In Quebec, it is quite common for couples to live common-law instead of getting married. For every 1000 adults in the province in 2010, only 2.9% are married versus the provincial rate of 8.2% in 1970 and it is well below the national average of 4.7%. With that being said, living together in Quebec is quite a significant and serious stepping stone in a relationship. I was incredibly excited to be moving in with my Eye Candy and confident in my decision. After all, I was in love. But because I was head over heels in love, I opted for a storage locker. 

Storage lockers are the modern girl's pre-nup. 

I had seen too many friends get burned by boyfriends after they moved in together and discovered that Prince Charming was far from being a knight in shining armor. In too many cases, these ladies had sold their condos and furniture to set-up their love nests, and when the relationships turned sour, they were left homeless and had to start from scratch. I opted to take on a $143 monthly expense to keep my condo tightly boxed and dismantled in a storage locker. This represented my safety nest, and in some ways, my independence. 

But with each day that passes with my Eye Candy, I continue to fall a little bit more in love and while life was good when we were dating, living together is incredible. 

I decided a few months ago that I would give myself the deadline of August 31st to clear out my storage locker. My Eye Candy and I are going to continue to live in our condo and there is no need for me to hang onto a second bedroom set, living room furniture, dining room table, desk, tv, and so-on. 

Fortunately, the timing worked out perfectly as my sister is about to take the same step in her relationship and has just finished off grad school, moved out of my parents' house, and is now setting up her first apartment with her boyfriend in northern Ontario as they both start their first jobs. 

I was more than happy to have movers come and take my locker to her. They are getting a shabby chic start to their new life together and I'm getting a $143 to move into my investment account each month. I also passed along to my sister a copy of A Good Girl's Guide to Living In Sin as a checklist of things to consider as her relationship and lifestyle moves forward and changes. 

There is a lot that I could have done with $143 each month for the last 18 months instead of storing furniture. But in the long-run, this was a small price to pay in order to feel confident in my decision to co-habitate sans mariage. After all, living with the man of your dreams should never get in the way of a girl's dreams. I stopped considering my storage locker as a safety net ages ago, and instead, it became more like a baggage weighing me down. Today, I am not only able to achieve my own financially fabulous goals, but I'm working with my Eye Candy to achieve our shared goals and this is the best security that a modern girl could ask for.



  1. Your a smart-sister on the Storage locker. I am now racked up to 7k of debt b/c I was burned so bad and have had to purchase everything all over again! Lesson learned. But now I may need a little help on how to pay off my new furnishings...

  2. Thank you Miss Fitness Champ. While I can hurt your heart and your wallet to move out and start again, I think you'll be happier in your new nest...

    Sorry for the delay on the post - blogger was acting weird and wouldn't let me sign in to comment on my own blog.


  3. That's a good advice, not just for women moving in with their boyfriends, but for anyone else who's going to co-habit together for some time. Or for people who are moving into smaller spaces, and can't afford to have all of their furniture with them. Instead of selling or giving away your furniture, especially furniture that's only used for special occasions (e.g. camping equipment, Christmas decorations), you can put them up in storage to free up space and get them anytime.

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