Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm back! Just in time for a fabulous New Year

I'm back!

I suppose I have some explaining to do for my recent 3-month hiatus from the blogosphere. You know how good things apparently come in threes? I've been a lucky lady recently as I believe that fabulous things come in 5s.
  1. I took a last minute trip for work to Paris. La chance! 
  2. My business trip turned into a vacation as my Eye Candy met me in London... where we got engaged! 
  3. My dear cat Fernando came home after almost 4 weeks of roaming our neighbourhood. 
  4. I was promoted at work and  I now have a job that little girls dream about.
  5. I joined a Boot Camp that is so painful it's wonderful.
Please excuse my recent MIA-ness, but I've had a lot of celebrating to-do and I simply wasn't able to keep up with my blogging. 

I think that I suffer from an-all-or-nothing-mentality where if I couldn't blog 5 times a week, I decided not to even bother. I've been reading The Happiness Project this weekend and it's the ideal book for New Year's when one is pondering resolutions, transitions, and achievements. Author Gretchen Rubin talks about the idea of perfection getting in the way of good enough. She is so right! 

There have been way too many moments where I've decided that if I can't be absolutely perfect at something, then it's not worth the effort. While striving for excellence is a commendable goal, it shouldn't get in the way of just having fun. I've enjoyed writing my blog as a way to manage my money, and in turn, strive to live a fabulously rich life. While I might not be able to keep it up every single day, my blog is an outlet for me and one that I plan to enjoy throughout 2012. 

I've also been inspired a quotation that I read over at Curly Girl Design: The real secret to the fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight. And this is exactly what I'll be doing. On that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 



  1. Wow sounds like lots of good stuff happened!

  2. Wow! Paris, London, sounds like a good three months!

    Congratulations :)

  3. Thank you Michelle! I'm in a happy place right now.

    PS: Where has your blog been all my life! I love it! You're my newest edition to the blog roll.

  4. Thank you Laura! It was such a great trip to be able to mix business with pleasure.

    My Eye Candy popped the question on London Bridge so it will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. Congrats! and as a cat lady, so glad your kitty is home.

  6. Wow, congrats on so many levels! Sounds like 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you :)

  7. Hi GND! I am so relieved that Fernando is back in my arms again! I look forward to much fun blogging with you in 2012!

  8. Hi Skippy! Thank you for the well-wishes. I'm so glad that I've found your blog too! This will be the beginning of a beautiful following.